Control cabinets of the automatics

LLC "Promprivod" makes assemblage of control cabinets of the automatics of the various complexity used for the automated control of technological processes, operation of turbines, turbo-generators and turbo-drives, systems of an air conditioning, ventilation and heating, management of pumps and other equipment. The control cabinets can be manufactured both in accordance with the Customer's projects and in accordance with the projects developed by our specialists on the basis of the Customer's Terms of Reference.

Electric cabinets of automated control allow:

  • control and manage the operation of units that are part of the equipment of ventilation, air conditioning, heating, fire protection, etc.;
  • provide status indication of the equipment in operation;
  • protect the equipment from overloads, overheating and short circuits;
  • maintain and change the desired process parameters;
  • smoothly or stepwise change the productivity of process equipment;
  • monitor the condition of equipment;
  • provide any temporary control algorithm in automatic mode without the intervention of maintenance personnel.

Electric cabinets of automated control are manufactured both with the use of certified equipment manufactured by the Republic of Belarus and by the world's leading manufacturers. Thanks to this, control cabinets and automation not only have high quality, but also allow the Customer to agree on the choice of components and devices of the desired manufacturers.