Steam turbine systems are designed to utilise the unexpended steam that is generally wasted when supplying to customers. Various devices, such as network and circulation pumps, compressor systems, etc., can be applied for efficient load of steam turbine systems.


The turbine is operated at the pressure stage with revolving application of the working medium. Such turbine embodiment implements multistage turbine principle for one blade wheel (3-7 stages). Intermediate bleeding for steam of the same or different pressure can be obtained for other industrial needs at any stage. Unlike regular turbines, where slide bearing with inconvenient and fire-risky lubricating system is used, our systems are equipped with bearing units having self-adjusting rolling bearings.


  • system’s small-size and space-saving design makes it possible to install directly inside the boiler house, with no extra premises engaged;
  • quick start from cool stage;
  • steam generation of different characteristics;
  • wide adjustment range and step-by-step load control;
  • lack of oil system improves the system’s fire safety;
  • rolling bearings with lubricating grease provide easy operation and increase the system maintainability;
  • lack of reduction devices in turbine generator provides safer operation;
  • microprocessor control system provides high-performance operation;
  • high maintainability and system elements interchangeability;
  • manufacture period: 150-200 days
  • pay-back period: 2-3 years.