We offer a wide range of steam-jet-type vacuum ejectors for various industrial applications.

The principle of operation of this type of ejector is that the steam emitted from the nozzle of the installation at high speed carries away the transported medium.

Description of work.

With the pump running, water, steam or gas moves through the pipe with a tapering nozzle. Due to the design of the nozzle, the speed of the moving mass increases.

Inside the inlet chamber, the pressure (water) decreases and becomes lower than atmospheric pressure, as a result of which a vacuum is created in the chamber. The suction comes from a pipeline connected to the chamber. During operation, the working steam is mixed with the pumped medium. Then this mass enters the diffuser, and then into the reservoir.

Key features:

  • Reliable operation.
  • High performance.
  • Low cost of operation and installation.
  • No moving parts.
  • No lubrication.
  • Minimal maintenance.


  • They are simple in design and have no moving parts.
  • Can be made of a material with high resistance to corrosion and erosion.
  • Virtually do not require maintenance.
  • Can be installed in remote locations.
  • Can be used in potentially explosive environments because they do not have electrical components.
  • Performs not only the main function of compression and mixing of gases, but in addition, it takes the place of the reduction valve and utilizes most of the energy lost during the pressure reduction of gases.
  • Compared with other types of equipment has a low initial cost and maintenance.
  • They work equally well in continuous or intermittent mode.
  • Easy to install.


Steam jet ejectors are widely used in the electric power industry, metallurgy, chemical, petrochemical, paper and food industries, as well as in other industries:

  • to create a vacuum and remove non-condensable gases from steam turbine condensers;
  • to create a vacuum in deaerators;
  • to create vacuum in rectification columns, reactors, evaporators, distillation systems, crystallization plants;
  • for mixing, compressing or transporting steam-gas-liquid media, in the chemical industry, petrochemical and other fields;
  • for pumping liquids from reservoirs, wells;
  • to remove liquid from pickling baths, for extraction of chemicals in reaction chambers.

LLC “Promprivod” has the ability to calculate, design and manufacture ejectors for specific tasks and requirements of the Customer.