Commissioning works

Commissioning is an important stage before putting equipment into operation. In the process of commissioning works, routine setting up and testing of equipment is performed to ensure its safe operation throughout the life of the equipment.

Specialists of LLC “Promprivod” are experienced engineers in the field of equipment adjustment for various purposes. We make commissioning works of turbo-generator sets; block heating units: hot water supply systems, ventilation and heating systems; heat power units, automated control cabinets, etc.

Commissioning works represent a complex of actions which allows to put object into operation and without which it is impossible to verify coherence of work of all systems after completion of installation works

The task of commissioning is a comprehensive verification of the correctness of the installation work, detection of possible factory defects in the equipment, setting up the equipment in the mode of maximum loads and change the technical parameters of the equipment to design consumer values

The following types of works are included into the standard commissioning works

verification of compliance of technical parameters of equipment with design requirements and values; test run to verify the operability and functionality of individual devices, equipment and structural diagrams with their output to operational values; comprehensive testing and equipment testing to verify the performance of the equipment, testing the equipment in the simulation of force majeure circumstances; mode adjustment and setting up of the interaction of equipment and all engineering systems of the facility with the launch of a permanent technological process, check of various operating modes

The final stage of commissioning is the preparation of a technical report (test report) on the work carried out, the transfer of commissioning documentation and the commissioning facility to the Customer

The commissioning phase is the final stage of the work preceding put into operation of the facility and its delivery to the Customer. Performing commissioning works guarantees the Customer the correctness of design, assembly and installation of equipment in terms of its optimal efficiency, reliability and safety.