Engineering services

LLC "Promprivod" provides the following services:

Study of the technical and technological capabilities and requests of the Client in order to identify and correctly formulate its actual needs (technological, commercial, and others): 

  • determination of the financial effect of energy-saving measures in the main areas of resource and energy conservation and priority measures with a calculated assessment of the effectiveness of their implementation
  • development of balance sheets for fuel, heat and electric energy, water and compressed air; 
  • development of the full list of measures and technical solutions for rational energy use and energy saving.

2.Assist in the development of concepts and programs of energy saving based on the enterprise development program, analysis results

3. Organizes the development of concepts and programs for energy saving in the areas:

  • boiler houses (new construction and reconstruction);
  • mini heat and power Plants;
  • heating and ventilation;
  • electricity supply;
  • instrumentation;

4. Development of business plans for the implementation of proposed activities with the guarantee of sustainable operation of energy-efficient equipment and obtaining energy-saving and financial effects

5. Assist in the development of a feasibility study of investments.

Feasibility study development is the starting point that allows the Client to make a decision. After developing the feasibility study, the Client will see and understand:

  • optimal engineering solution of the project; 
  • composition of main generating and auxiliary equipment;
  • project implementation period; 
  • total project cost; 
  • the amount of initial investment required for the project; 
  • payback and profitability of the project.