Installation supervision services

At delivery of the equipment LLC Promprivod offers performance of works on installation supervision of the equipment. Installation supervision works are a complex of organizational and technical services aimed at carrying out the necessary work, taking into account the features of the facility and the specifics of the equipment supplied by the contractor

The main objectives of installation supervision works are to monitor compliance with the correctness and consistency of the installation of equipment and the quality of work

It is very important for the subsequent reliable and safe operation of the facility to perform all the work correctly and efficiently. And it is specialists who have developed, designed, manufactured and delivered equipment, understand it better than anyone else, and provide the necessary consultations and control during the installation of equipment.

The duties of the employees providing the supervision services include the following works:

  • control over observance of technology of installation;
  • work in close contact with the experts of the organization that carries out the installation of equipment, to ensure the correct installation and assembly, perform work with proper quality;
  • preparation of necessary documents.

In some cases, in the course of carrying out installation supervision works, the Customer's personnel are trained at the same time for the maintenance and operation of equipment.