Characteristics of the equipment and its description

Turbine-generator unit is supplied assembled: mounted on the frame and steam turbine generator asynchronous (synchronous) with each other they are connected by the coupling (Fig. 1).

Figure 1 General view of the TSU

Turbine stages performed on the basis of repeated pressure working fluid supply. Such design allows on-one working principle of a multi-stage turbine wheel (3 to 7 steps). After any of the stages of the steam turbine can be arranged intermediate steam extraction of one or more pressure for the needs of industrial customers.

Total control during manufacturing plants ensure their high quality workmanship and high performance. The lubrication system. In virtue of the application of the turbine bearings instead of plain bearings lubrication system greatly simplified. Instead of a cumbersome traditional lubrication system with tanks, pumps and other equipment used in the proposed installation lubrication of rolling bearings. This will reduce the fire hazard of the lubrication system to zero. Periodic maintenance is to revitalize the amount of grease in the bearing race. For lubrication of steam turbine and generator is used high-quality grease retains its guaranteed properties up to 150 ° C, which is significantly higher than the maximum-allowable operating temperature of the metal bearing (70 - 80 ° C). Removal System-steam mixture from the end seals ensure the removal and disposal of leaking steam through the end seals the rotating parts. Deleting a pair of end seals produced steam ejector exhaust gaskets.

Steam pipes, condensate with flange for removably joining pipes of the primary pair (DN80) and spent a couple (DN150). For the removal of exhaust steam from the end sealing flange connections are provided. In the first chamber mantel - Du30. From the ejector exhaust gaskets - DN80. Steam inlet to the ejector exhaust gaskets - Du30.

The drainage system includes a valve drain tube with stop valve and flange for connection of an external pipe DN15. This design ensures drainage outlet during heating operation and the steam turbine steam as it cools from the bottom of the turbine housing. The thermally insulating cover of turbine is designed to reduce heat loss to the environment. Structurally, it split, consisting of individual elements. Generator asynchronous squirrel-cage (standard version). Cooling system - air on an open circuit. The terminal voltage of the generator 400 V, 50 Hz AC frequency. Included with the installation of the turbine generator supplied cabinet generating circuit (WDH), which provides switching oscillator with an external power grid voltage 400 V and disable the generator from the mains when stopping the turbine generator unit (Fig. 2). It includes a circuit breaker with remote operator, disconnect, and a set of electrical switching apparatus necessary for the safe operation of the turbine generator unit and its maintenance.

Fig. 2. General view of the WDH

The kit includes WDH converter and measuring equipment, allowing you to control the basic parameters of generated electricity - voltage, current, power. To account for the amount of electricity generated electricity meter installed (connected to the generator buses through current transformers). System for measuring the performance and technology of automatic process control is made based on a microprocessor. The controller is mounted in the control cabinet and protection (HPS) (Fig. 3).

Figure 3. General view of the HPS

HPS provides the following functionality:

  • Display of information technology;
  • Automatic control of TSU;
  • Process;
  • Information.

Safety features provide (emergency) off TSU in the following cases:

  • In excess of the speed of the shaft TSU over 3300 rev / min;
  • When disconnecting the generator from the network;
  • In excess of the allowable level of vibration turbine bearings;
  • In excess of the allowable temperature level of the metal turbine bearings;
  • In excess of high pressure steam turbine exhaust;
  • Emergency stop on the initiative of the operator.

Technological capabilities allow start and stop TSU control the operation and support parameters TSU workers boundaries. Information functions include the entry of process parameters on the primary sensors, processing the collected information and display process information in real time on information boards. Extras is alerting the main technological parameters of normative values.

In conjunction with the installation of instrumentation equipment available, ensuring safe operation of the TSU:

  • Vibration sensors turbine bearings,
  • Metal bearing temperature sensors,
  • Tachometer to measure shaft speed TSU.

Spare parts and consumables:

  • Seal the turbine bearings;
  • Grease replenishment turbine bearings, during routine maintenance.

To carry out maintenance and repair of the turbine generator installation does not require any special equipment and tooling. Uses standard operating and measuring tools. The documentation set - according to the statements of operational documentation (RE).

Indicators of modes of use.

Turbine-generator unit is designed for continuous operation of the thermal schedule for 8000 hours per year. Thrust power range of 10 to 100% of nominal value. Position construction provides a stable and continuous operation without time limitation at any power level within the entire adjustment range for steam parameters listed in Table. 1. The system provides automatic turbo-generator set an alarm to facilitate communication between the DOC (EDM) from the TSU. If necessary, pass a couple more than can skip turbine or a forced shutdown of TSU TSU automation system sends a signal to the DOC (EDM) to switch on. The control system provides the ability to TSU shedding of the load to no-load no more than 1 minute. Rate of power from idle up to par - 10 min. Turbine-generator unit is capable of reliable operation over a long time when the operating frequency of the electrical network within ± 50 Hz. Starting characteristics.

The design of the turbine generator set allows rapid start-up of any thermal state.

The minimum operational time required to turn a steam turbine and generator ready to receive the load of not more than:

  • 15 min. idle up to 4 hours
  • 30 min. idle 12:00 or more.

The unit provides the opportunity to work in an idling mode after start-up, the time required to perform the test generator, test control systems and protection provided by the operating instructions. The number of starts is determined by the need of the process, which is taken after steam turbine. Limitations on the number of starts for the entire life of not more than 1500.

Indicators of reliability.

Complete the assigned service life of the steam turbine (excluding wearing parts) - at least 270 000chas. MTBF - not less than 8000 hours. The service life of the steam turbine between repairs with the opening of the cylinder - at least 6 years. The warranty period of the turbine generator set - 12 months from the date of commissioning, but not later than 18 months from the date of manufacture. Post-warranty service turbine generator system is effected by a separate agreement.
Design Requirements.

Requirements to raw materials and components. Materialy and components subjected to incoming inspection in accordance with GOST 24297. The quality and properties of the materials used for the manufacture of parts of the system is certified companies - suppliers and component products are accompanied by a passport or guardians. Installed instrumentation included in the State Register of measuring RF, believe me. Term storage devices does not exceed half of the span between the deadline. Requirements for the assembly. Workmanship allows access to the assembly on site without additional fitting operations. All products (pipes, metal parts, etc.) applied to the assembly installation constructed in accordance with drawings and specifications taken control of the manufacturer. Maximum deviations of dimensions and tolerances pipeline installation dimensions of equipment not specified in the CD, taken on 17 class of accuracy. Coverage requirements. Preparing surfaces for painting installation in accordance with GOST 9.402 (mechanical cleaning, blowing with compressed air). Turbine design provides easy access to places of service and audit. Turbine rotor made of high quality alloyed steel, including the impeller. All parts of the rotor, including shovels, bandages and their attachment, conservatively rated at forces occurring when short design speed of rotation in any emergency situation, including the sudden load shedding. The design of turbine capacity for double-row ball bearings to ensure sufficient reliability of their work. The design provides accurate bearing fit their initial installation and alignment, the possibility of a smooth uniform thermal expansion of the turbine rotor without reducing the quality of the (lack of grazing and jamming rotating parts). In TSU bearings are used the world's leading manufacturers. Rotating parts turbine generator set are mandatory dynamically balanced to ensure their work with the minimum acceptable level of dynamic vibration (for the turbine and generator vibration value of not more than 4.5 mm/s. Compound steam turbine shaft and the generator are connected by couplings, eliminating the transmission shock. The design of the turbine is provided with a detachable flange inlet and outlet pipes to allow for easy installation and maintenance.

Safety requirements.

The degree of protection for electrical equipment used in installations against foreign objects corresponds to the group not less than IP40 Standard 14254, for a generator - not less than IP23 Standard 14254. Mounted on the frame of the installation protective earth terminal, which has a protective coating and indicated mark. The insulation resistance of live parts with a nominal voltage up to 400 V at least 1.0 MW. Sound levels and sound pressure at the workplace comply SanPin 2.2.4/ and do not exceed the allowable values. The work of the operator and maintenance personnel is subject to the use of personal hearing protection in accordance with GOST 12.4.051. The vibration levels generated by the installation correspond SanPin 2.2.4/ and do not exceed the allowable values. The individual elements of the installation (building steam turbine stop and control valves, steam lines), with a temperature over 45 º C plus covered with thermal insulation (done during installation). Temperature of the outer surface of the insulation should not exceed 45 ° C at a room temperature not exceeding 30°. Unit is equipped with automatic safety devices that keep closing and locking the control valve while simultaneously disconnecting the generator from the network.

The system of regulation and protection.

Protection system provides an immediate closure of the stop, and the closing of the control valve and disconnecting the generator in the following cases:

  • In excess of the speed of the rotor by 10 ... 12% higher than nominal;
  • In excess vibration at the turbine bearing;
  • When the temperature of the turbine bearings;
  • In excess of the vapor pressure of the turbine above the level specified card settings;

When disconnecting the generator from the network. At the same time closed the locking and control valve with rated steam turbine to the turbine rotor is not rotating. Turbine allows resetting electrical load at a rate determined by the speed control valve. Turbine control system in case of sudden power-on reset to disconnect the generator from the network during the whole range of facilities, including maximum, with rated steam and rated speed limits the dynamic casting speed.Ustanavlivaemoe instrumentation equipment in cabinets provide sufficient information level of operational management of the turbine generator unit, informs about the current electric power, and keeps records of the generated electricity.

Locking and regulating valves. To regulate the flow of steam supplied to the steam turbine control valve set. As part of the TSU has also shut-off valve, which provides almost instantaneous opening of the steam to the turbine. The control valve has a linear operating characteristic. To be able to connect to the system of regulation in the complex instrumentation accommodate converter that allows you to generate the output position indicator RK Normalizing a 4-20 mA.

Purification mechanical vapor ingress of particles into the turbine.

The set comes with a steam turbine filter to capture and detention of foreign objects. Filter made of a fine mesh or a perforated metal. Externally, the filter is a structure in the form of a cylinder with a pocket bounded by the two sides of the flange. This design ensures reliable capture of foreign objects from the couple and their detention in a pocket-collection filter. Flange connection ensures access for removal and maintenance of the filter. Filter lifetime of at least 2 years.