Ejector water jet (hydrojet) - a specialized pump, pumping the product due to the created vacuum in the medium. The device is intended for pumping out, under the influence of vacuum, liquid media, gases from technological equipment involved in the technological process, for example, in boiler equipment and heat networks.

Areas of application of water jet (hydrojet) ejectors:

  • creation and vacuum holding in vacuum deaerators, condensers of steam turbines;
  • creation of starting vacuum in turbines, pump systems, multistage ejector plants;
  • condensation of exhaust of steam jet ejectors, turbines, other power equipment;
  • suction of air and gas from metallurgical molds;
  • preparation and injection into the wells of fine foam and hydraulically weighed ballast;
  • pumping and utilization of associated petroleum gas (APG) after well separators with oil or water;
  • creation of vacuum in rectification columns, oil-product distillation systems;
  • utilization of hydrocarbon vapor from storage tanks for oil and oil products;
  • creation of vacuum in vacuum confinement systems, vacuum pressing, centralized vacuum systems.