Ejectors-utilizers are intended for compressing of a gas medium and (or) creation of vacuum by means of kinetic energy of working (active) water or energy of active gas of medium and high pressure and belong to a class of jet devices

Application area:
Ejectors-utilizers are used in technological systems of oil and gas production, oil and gas transportation, chemical and petrochemical industry.

Main applications:

  • pumping and utilization of associated petroleum gas (APG) after well separators;
  • utilization of waste, flare associated petroleum gas;
  • utilization of hydrocarbon exhaust from process tanks and pipelines, oil and oil products storage tanks;
  • creation of vacuum in rectification columns, pipelines, reactors, oil distillation systems, other technological equipment;
  • creation of dilution in the annular space of producing wells to increase the productivity of submersible pumps and increase the inflow from the reservoir
  • ejection of gas from the annulus of production wells with high annular pressure to prevent the extraction of dynamic level;
  • ejection of gas from the annular space of producing wells, pumping water-gas mixture into wells to maintain reservoir pressure to reduce annular pressure in producing wells;
  • reduction of electricity consumption due to increased efficiency of submersible electric pumps;
  • other technological objectives in accordance with the project.

Advantages of ejectors-utilizers:

  • High reliability: the simplicity of the design and the absence of rubbing, moving parts cause durability and long service life.
  • Easy installation: it is enough to connect the ejector to the mounted system using three flange connections to turn it on.
  • Small dimensions, compactness: ejectors-utilizers have small dimensions and weight in comparison with traditional compressor and vacuum-creating equipment.
  • Energy resource saving: application in technological schemes of oil and gas production and oil and gas processing industry allows to save the electric power and to receive real economic effect from secondary use of associated petroleum gas.
  • Reduction of harmful emissions: the use of ejectors-utilizers allows the observance of hygiene and environmental standards of ambient air quality established by the state and makes our planet cleaner by stopping the flaring of associated petroleum gas and also by utilizing hydrocarbon gas emissions from process equipment, tanks and pipelines.
  • Низкие эксплуатационные затраты: высокая надежность обеспечивает увеличение межремонтных интервалов, низкую эксплуатационную стоимость и быструю окупаемость эжектора.
  • Individual selection, calculation and design of ejectors-utilizers for specific operating parameters of the oil and gas production facility, which allows achieving the maximum effect in the utilization of associated petroleum gas.