Dry cooling towers

Dry cooling tower is a heat exchanger equipped with fans for coolant cooling, which circulates in a closed loop. Cooling of the coolant in this device is due to the flow of ambient air, pumped by fans. Dry cooling tower is designed for outdoor installation, water with glycol is used as a coolant, which protects it from freezing.

From the cooling tower, the coolant enters the refrigeration system to cool the units and mechanisms, and then returns to the cooling tower again to divert the condensation heat into the atmosphere.

The use of dry cooling towers has a number of advantages.

When used, evaporation of the coolant (water) does not occur, because it circulates in a closed loop and, therefore, it does not become contaminated, does not require additional cleaning after cooling. Thanks to the addition of glycol, the entire circuit is protected from defrosting. The use of a dry cooling tower does not lead to chemical contamination and an increase in air humidity, it is tried to be used in places where much attention is paid to the environmental situation.

Benefits of operation

  • significant savings in water and electricity;
  • significant reduction of carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere;
  • high operational reliability of the equipment;
  • reduction of operating costs;
  • adaptation to complex operating conditions;
  • protection from leaks;
  • built-in control systems;
  • full availability for work;
  • versatility of installations;
  • different types of heat exchanger units.

Individual solutions for any type of application:

  • All kinds of control systems.
  • Wide power range.
  • High-performance fans.
  • Transportation by crane without the use of traverse.
  • Possibility of regulation from the air inlet side.

For the convenience of selection and installation of equipment on objects of various sizes, including in hard-to-reach places, dry cooling towers are represented by four main types: vertical, horizontal heat exchange unit, V- or W-shaped heat exchange unit.

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