Fan cooling towers are designed taking into account strict requirements for energy and water saving. Their design is developed and calculated for continuous year-round operation.

Fan cooling tower units are equipped with impellers and diffusers made of laminated fiberglass with improved aerodynamic shape. Irrigation and drainage devices are made of materials that do not support burning and have a certificate of the G1 flammability group. Cooling towers use a fan designed for use in circulating cooling systems in chemical, oil refining, metallurgical plants, and in other industries.

To drive the fan, a slow-speed motor with the ability to control the speed of rotation and reverse is used, which can significantly save energy and increases the life of the unit as a whole

The undoubted advantage of prefabricated fan cooling towers is the speed of their erection on the construction site.

Design features, as well as a method of corrosion protection (hot-dip galvanizing) allow their installation at any time of the year without the use of welding and painting works! Mounting of the cooling tower frame is performed by means of high-strength bolted joints in pre-prepared holes, which allows to preserve the integrity of the protective zinc coating on each individual element of the cooling tower frame.

If necessary, there is the possibility of manufacturing cooling towers made of composite materials (fiberglass), of steel protected from corrosion by paint coatings, or a combined version.

Fan cooling towers can be supplied with an intelligent control system, assembled on a modern element base, which allows you to control the operation of the cooling tower in automatic and manual mode.

Advantages of fan cooling towers:

  • Compactness in comparison with chimney-type cooling towers of the same capacity (allows for large irrigation densities);
  • Ability to calculate the cooling tower directly for the specified process loads and customer requirements (number of sections, section dimensions, fan capacity, fan diameter, sprinkler type);
  • Providing deeper water cooling, compared to other types of cooling towers;
  • Possibility of smooth adjustment of the cooling capacity (frequency control of the fan operation, shut-off section by section);
  • Structure fabrication in factory conditions;
  • Application of protective coatings in the factory (galvanizing, composite materials);
  • Quick mounting on site;

Mounting on bolted connections; Relative low construction costs; Increased seismic resistance.